Monday, May 16, 2011


The minions arrived today.

The first challenge was keeping them busy until the IT guy showed up and we could issue them laptops. It's pretty easy to keep a college student entertained when they have access to the entire Internet.

My minion doesn't yet realize the scope of the problem that we have given her. She claims to be an expert in the technology that she'll be focusing on for this project (it is the "concentration" of her major). We shall see how this unfolds.

I realize that minions are always the neediest during week 1. Unfortunately, I am in the midst of designing a four-hour workshop that I will be delivering on Thursday. And I have not yet written all the code that I need for the demos for the workshop. Also unfortunately: The minions do not know enough about this language to write the code. Small bright spot: Bored minions will be dragged to the workshop to learn the language.

If my minion can understand the project that I have for her, things could go really well. If she's successful at it, she should be able to use it as a talking point in job interviews; it's really a perfect fit for her major-concentration. Also a good omen: She suggested that I should dye my hair purple. (In response to my coworker's surprise that my recent blondness has been replaced by dark red.)