Saturday, May 07, 2011

More Fun with Grant Paperwork

  1. After hearing via the administrative grapevine about the assorted goings-on relating to this crazy grant project that I'm on, my less impractical boss offered the suggestion, "You shouldn't work with these people again."

  2. Apparently I am co-PI on the project. This could end up being hilarious.

  3. This new project has a PI and three co-PIs. Lead PI is a professor at the university (male), one of the co-PIs is a professor at the university (male), another co-PI is someone from the same group I'm in and whose job title is similar to mine (male), and the last one is me. Some staff person who works with sponsored research threw a fit about me being a co-PI. She sent a snippy email, "I don't think Becky can be a co-PI because she doesn't have a Ph.D." Um, look at the paperwork: (1) my freaking biosketch shows that I have a Ph.D. and (2) I'm almost certain that the guy whose job is very similar to mine does not have a Ph.D. Also: (3) The lead PI on the project that I'm on only has a bachelor's degree (but with the title "Research Associate Professor"). There are many good reasons for me not to be a co-PI on this project, but lack of educational paperwork is not one of them.

  4. Some administron nearly broke the entire grant, which I found to be very awesome. He needs to approve grants before they are sent on to NSF. He insists that he needs to receive the final proposal at least one business day before the grant is due. This crazy project went in at the last minute. Totally would have supported his decision to not approve things that he hasn't had a chance to read.