Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Secret Plan

My "office" is an 8'-by-8' cubicle.

The #1 most annoying thing about the cubicle is that it is set up so that my back is to the opening. Due to the way that the cubicle panels are assembled, there is really no other choice. Because of the position of the opening, the wall with the "door" is too short to support the desk.

The desk is legless; it mounts to the cubicle panels much like you would mount a shelf to tracks screwed into the wall. There are brackets screwed to the bottom of the desk slab, and those brackets fit into slots at the borders of the cube panels.

Today I brought in my cordless drill, a set of drill bits, a pry bar, a hex key set, and a screwdriver. By the end of the week I plan to rearrange the cubicle panels to make the "door" wall a bit longer, make new holes in the bottom of the desk to move its hanging brackets so that it will attach to my newly-reconstructed wall, and move all the rest of the furniture as well.

Tomorrow I will need to bring needle-nose pliers (to remove the last of the plastic bits that hold the panels together), an extension cord (so my computer can have electricity on the newly moved desk), and a set of those "slide everything as if it had wheels" things so that I can remove my filing cabinet to the hallway.

I'm seeking out VESA mount hardware that will allow me to mount my monitor to the cubicle walls as well.