Thursday, May 26, 2011

Names and Strategy

I work for a joint project that is joint among other joint projects and that is part of a consortium of projects that includes a certain amount of collaboration and joint projects. Basically it is an administrative maze.

The consortium is having a phoenix-like moment (The consortium is dead! Long live the consortium!). Confusingly, my project was actually part of the new consortium, even though we came into existence two years before the new consortium. But we have no formal role in running it. Even though we are a joint project with a group that is involved.

In any event, I have discovered -- quite by accident because being out of the loop is apparently a required part of my job -- that my job title no longer exists in the new consortium. Two thirds of my title is under a new version of my old title, and one third of my old title (which actually makes up the largest fraction of my time) is now under a completely different department.

My plan is to use this Kafka-esque bureaucracy to my advantage and to figure out how to get the most interesting and rewarding parts of my job to remain my responsibility while taking the parts that are less exciting and getting them assigned to someone else.