Friday, May 06, 2011

New Adventures in Walking to the Pharmacy

  1. Last night we walked to the pharmacy to pick up a refill of my prescription. I also did my part to drive up the cost of health care for everyone by dropping off two new prescriptions for medications that I am unlikely to use even a single dose of before they expire. When I was at the doctor's office about two weeks ago, he wrote me four prescriptions. I've finally decided to fill two of them: the one for the asthma "emergency" inhaler and the one for the Epi-Pen. Even though it has been many years since I've had any sort of allergic emergency. Thus, the taxpayers are chipping in for over $200 of medication that I'm unlikely to use. Decided against filling either of the non-emergency medications that I am unlikely to use.

  2. Pharmacy adventure! It always is. We walked to the pharmacy the back way. The back way includes cutting the park where we used to quip, "Didn't someone get shot here?" But it's been over two years since anyone has been shot in the park, so that the joke in getting old. The string of freaky weather that we have had since February has washed out the bridge across the stream, so the new adventure of walking through the park involves navigating the remains of the bridge.

  3. As I was doing both a pick-up and a drop-off at the pharmacy, I had a double-dose of the usual pharmacy shenanigans. Every time I go to the pharmacy, at least one of the following happens: Either the pharmacy is refusing to dispence narcotics to someone who alleges to have an legitimate prescription for them or a poor person throws a fit about Medicaid not covering a prescription. Yesterday the couple ahead of me in the drop-off line both were arguing about their narcotic prescriptions. And when I went to pay for my other prescription, the poor family ahead of me in line was complaining about Medicaid's lack of coverage.

  4. I will say that I lack sympathy for many of the pharmacy-arguers. Helpful tip: If you really do have chronic pain that is managed by long-term use of many doses of narcotics, it is probably worth driving to fill your prescriptions in a nicer part of town. Also helpful tip: If you are going to refuse to pick up your child's prescription because Medicaid won't cover it and then you purchase cosmetics that cost more than the retail price of the drug, the pharmacy clerk ringing up your purchase probably will roll her eyes.

  5. Since I am crazy, I have no problem with going out in public dressed like a lunatic. Or like an 8-year-old who dressed herself. I was wearing a purple, plaid, flannel skirt that I made myself (funky shaped hemline), and then I was also wearing an oversized fleece (cold outside), and my floral Liberty-print sun hat. The Topologist's fashion sense is a cross between mathematician and Appalachian thru-hiker (the Unabomber is a bit of a fashion icon for mathematicians). On the walk home a real Famous Blogger asked to take our picture with her cell phone. We agreed.