Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sorry for the Lapse

  1. I've been meaning to post something, but I've been trying to find something positive to say. Most of the things that have crossed my path lately have been negative. And while there are many, many things that I am not good at that are a part of my job, I do try to minimize the effects of my incompetence. It's a decent short-term strategy, as I have not been fucking up, but it has long term issues as I'm not learning as many new things as I normally could. Other people who I work with appear to have chosen the path by which they can learn from their mistakes. At least I hope that they are learning something.

  2. In a related, but not exactly the same issue, I am dealing with Future Professor. Oh my, I worry for his students. I can tolerate the incoherent emails in which words are randomly written in all capitals as if they were acronyms ("If you not a US citizens permanent resident send copy your VISA to our offices.... We recommend the LINUX distributions..."), but some of his suggestions are crazy. (A note on the writing: Future Professor was born in and grew up in the US.) This evening we are running a "intro to LINUX Linux" course for people who have never used Linux before. For most of this audience, being able to use =AVERAGE() in Microsoft Excel is considered being "really good with computers." I sent him my outline of things to teach, which is mostly ls and cd and the like. His follow-up question: "Should we teach them how to use screen?"

  3. I am thinking of buying a nice car! What should I get? It should be comfy and pleasant to drive and not too big. Currently considering: BMW (but overwhelmed by the zillions of models), Acura, and Volvo. Open to suggestions. Ideally looking for a lease turn-in.

  4. Finally got our full complement of undergraduates who can afford to live on $15/hour (full time, 40 hours/week for 10-12 weeks).

  5. Almost every project that I am working on is at the "wait for people to get back to me" stage. Thinking of taking the day off tomorrow.

  6. Wednesday omen: Yesterday I bought over a liter of liquor.