Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Two Party System

In reverse chronological order:
10pm - 1am
Drank vodka from a red plastic cup. Was adored by my fan club (former students). Saw TAs who used to work for me. Talked to an undergrad who used to be one of our interns but who is now going to be CTO for a crazy start-up in Chattanooga, TN. Mocked him for joining a start-up in a place where his friends have deluded themselves about being the next tech epicenter. Discussed the new, quieter Sun Chips bag. Did not get hit on by any of the usual suspects.

6pm - 10pm
Talked to a historian about the history of riots. Met someone whose research on discourse is being used as a model for introducing discussions of race and class on campus. Ate food from the new Liberian restaurant in the "real and authentic" part of town. Drank wine with the provost.
Yes, folks, the semester has ended.