Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Never Said I Wasn't Petty

  1. An acquaintance/friend-of-a-friend, Peter Pan, keeps asking me favors. He asks me so many favors that they have become predictable. Also, he never offers anything in return nor does he explain why he can't do these things himself. I am sure that he is going to need something specific later this week; I can predict what he will need and when and where. Currently I have plans to be about 30 miles away from the place and time he will need the favor. I have not mentioned this to him, as I resent the implication that I am always ready to help out on a moment's notice (and he has not yet asked if I am available to do this favor). Especially since I don't believe that there is any good reason why he can't do these things himself.

  2. Someone at work claims to be an expert on [technology] (in addition to everything else) and loudly and emphatically intrudes on every conversation on [technology] that is held within earshot. We have just discovered that we need a whole lot of [technology] done quickly next week. My suggestion is to delegate all of this [technology] to our self-described expert. If my colleague really is an expert on [technology], then we solve our problem. If not, well, whatever.

  3. I find myself living my life's adaptation of the Casey Anthony story. But, as I don't have children, I was cleaning the remains of a dead tree out of my car. It is the Topologist's fault that the tree died, and he left it in the car for a few days, and then we dumped the tree a few miles from where it grew. He then fled to Berkeley after disposing of the tree, but there were leaves and bark all over the back of the car. This morning when I was trying to clean up the rest of the evidence, I also threw away his stupid road atlas from 2003.