Monday, June 06, 2011

I Was the Bad Intern, Too

OK, I will admit that the day that Admiral McConnell was coming to our office to hear us each talk about our summer research that I took the day off to drive to West Virginia to see The Breeders in concert. And I took off every minute of vacation time that I was entitled to and frequently headed down to Virginia Beach for extended weekends. Whether you are measuring by number of theorems proved, number of lines of code, or any other metric, I was not an especially productive intern.

But I didn't expect people to tell me that I was wonderful. And I didn't complain that other interns got better desks than I did. And if someone said something like, "I see that you're having trouble writing the foo function. Talk to Jane about how she wrote bar, and we can talk about how you can adapt that," I would not both (1) not talk to Jane and (2) continue to ignore foo. I know that my intern is frustrated, but the tasks that have been assigned are at the sophomore level, and intern is a super-senior cs major. I suppose that it is better for my intern to discover this now before applying for real jobs.

On the plus side, even though I was a really bad intern, I seem to have grown up to be a reasonable adult.