Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Tale of Three Cars

Oldest Car
Since the end of April it has been having serious issues. You know how when someone who doesn't know how to drive stick shift very well changes gears badly, the car sort of lurches? This car does this on its own (automatic) every time you shift gears up. (It also does this a few seconds after you switch from park to reverse, even if the car is sitting still. I should get a video of the car having a spasm while not in motion.) Over $1000 worth of work has gone into fixing it, with at best limited success. The transmission shop has given up. It is 10 years old with nearly 100,000 miles on it. (Do you want it?)

The "Middle Car"
Thunderstorm last night.

The glass place says they might be able to fix it on Friday. I have no regrets about the $500 worth of work that went into this car a few weeks ago, as none of those dollars went to anything glass related.

The New Car
Despite the fact that I handed over $2000 on the 21st of May, this car is nowhere to be seen. Last spotted in Sweden.