Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Tales From Computing

  1. Today was more training from the vender whose hardware is infested with Sinister, Grating Imps. Trainer was making an analogy about log files that were not helpful and commented, "It's like when your wife complains that the bank statement just says ATM, ATM, ATM with no details." I turned to my coworker and asked her, "Does your wife ever complain about that?" And she said no, and I said, "I don't have that problem with my wife, either."

  2. When I give a tutorial do I say, "When you don't read the specification in the API, it's like when your husband won't ask for directions and you end up wasting hours driving around in circles instead of getting where you're going"? No, I do not.

  3. Vender only sent XL t-shirts. Our team is XS, S, M, L, and XXXL.

  4. I got an email about the mandatory fun being planned at a multi-day computing workshop being held in August. In order to force the computer geeks to socialize, we are being broken up into groups named after animals, diseases, and colors. Why mock them for having both a "pink group" and a "fluorescent pink" group when you can ask, "What the hell were they thinking!?" about having a herpes group? I am sort of hoping that this plan goes ahead as proposed and that I get assigned to lead the "cougar" group. (Not making up any of the group names! I can forward you the well-meaning but socially tone-deaf document that lays out all these plans in excruciating detail.)