Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Does this blog accept hospital bracelets as excuses for not posting?

Oh, and if you are looking for me tomorrow through Sunday, check at MIT. Friday afternoon (from 2pm - 5pm) I have a inflexible commitment in 32-123, but aside from that I do have some free time. Due to the air conditioning situation (or lack thereof), you will probably find me somewhere in the student center or in a classroom on the main campus during the day on Thursday.

Just as long as plans do not involve my walking very far, as I happen to be injured. The x-ray showed nothing broken. I am dealing with the ill-defined realm of "soft tissue injury." This morning I tripped over the ladder that is in my hallway and giving access to my attic. Why was attic access suddenly so important? Sunday night I learned (the hard way) that my roof leaks. Or maybe you would call it the easy way, as it sure was easy to notice that it was raining inside.

My plans may also include a trip to do some shopping at a specialty store on Thursday morning if I can first get them to confirm over the phone that they carry anything in my size. Want to take bets? My guess is that they will lie and say that they do have something and then when I get to the store will reveal that what they mean is that they could order something and then have it altered to fit. Perhaps it is not worth schlepping my injured self to Copley Place to deal with salespeople. I might be better off seeing if I can find something at the local Justice; they might have some options with sparkly unicorns.

So who wants to come help me hang drywall after the insurance guy and the roof guy do their things? The only drywall that is more fun that ceiling drywall is ceiling drywall on 10' ceilings! It will be great fun! Let's hope that I don't fall off a ladder or smother myself with drywall dust.