Friday, July 22, 2011

Things That Have Me a Bit On Edge

  1. My intern sent me a form to fill out about her so that she can re-apply for some scholarship that she has. She also helpfully sent me a copy of the form that she filled out about me, describing the work she did this summer. It's one of those standard "rate on a scale of 1 to 5" forms, and there was a box for each number. She put ******* in the five box, consistently, and wrote glowing comments. Do I return the favor? Is the copy of the form that she sent me have the same ratings/comments as the form that she turned in to her scholarship? Does it matter what I say, as I have to send the .docx to her so that she can then submit my ratings of her to the scholarship office? Am I being far too cynical?

  2. Well, it has happened. I have gotten older. It used to be that when I went to conferences that there was a non-zero chance that guys in their 40s would hit on me. No longer the case. On the plus side, one particular guy in his 30s was not hitting on me. By which I mean the flirtiest guy from my workplace--who used to flirt with me to such an extent that even I noticed it, and I am very oblivious. (It's not that I minded especially, just that it was sort of awkward, and I don't do awkward very well at all.) I have, however, made a new friend who is in his 50s and does seem rather cool.

  3. In the next three weeks I am giving three very different talks in three different cities to three very different audiences. I have not written any of the talks.

  4. Lion.