Friday, August 05, 2011

More Workshop Fun

This just in: At 1:30am an email arrived saying that the CUDA materials that have been sent were the wrong ones.

Meanwhile, the main organizer of this workshop is dealing with a family tragedy while doing important workshop organization tasks like putting links to all of our facebook pages on the workshop wiki and making a mix for us all to listen to during the free time in the evenings.

Because even the most clueless mathematician can tell that this workshop is a recipe for disaster, I emailed the organizers of the CUDA session yet again with a plea for some more specific instructions. Because I was not there in person to bat my overly-made-up eyelashes while wearing a skirt*, in this email I also was sure to mention that all I know about CUDA is that it started out as something for video games. (I did not say anything about the elves or about my fear of texture memory.) Let's hope that I end up off the hook.

*A magical combination in my line of work. Especially if one is carrying a box! On Tuesday some dude who I did not recognize badged me in to the building -- even though it was a fairly small box. Shockingly, no one asked me to fix the photocopier.