Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Other Office Drama

Yesterday we had a series of last-minute meetings with no published agenda due to high drama.

In other office drama news:

Apparently the president of this university had to call up his college buddy, the president of another large state university that I will not mention by name but that you can already guess if you've been reading the tech news in this field.

So you see, Other University was in this long term relationship with a Vendor. And they seemed really committed. Other University had even bought a new place, and they were planning on moving in together. Vendor had stuff at Other University's current apartment, and it seemed really serious. And Vendor is really hot and from a good family and seemed like a good catch for Other University.

And then all of a sudden, Vendor dumped Other University by text message! And came over and took back her stuff and gave back the deposit that Other University had put down on the wedding. And it was over.

So then Other University started leaning on my university's vendor. And our vendor was really sympathetic and was trying to comfort Other University. At which point the president of our university called up the president of the Other University and was like, "Back off, man."

Somewhat relatedly, you can take any of these political squabbles and replace the phrase "most petaflops" with "biggest dick" without really changing the main idea.