Saturday, August 06, 2011

Other Recent Adventures

Subtitle: What happened in Cambridge (and Boston) but doesn't have anything to do with CUDA.

For those of you keeping track at home, last week I was in Cambridge (after the toe incident and before the CUDA fruforall). Tomorrow I leave for the Disaster Workshop in California.
  1. Tried very hard not to meddle at my old job. Mostly succeeded. Typical exception: large groups of people were milling around aimlessly instead of sitting down so that an event could start. I told them to go sit down.

  2. Went bra shopping at yet another of the Boston-area bra specialty stores. Despite calling them twice before I went, when I got there, they did not have my size. Their justification: Most women wear a different size than they think they wear, so it doesn't matter if they don't have the size that you think you wear, as you probably wear a different size anyway. And so I am apparently sentenced to a lifetime of pretending that it is an ironic hipster affectation when I wear $8 bras with My Little Pony on them.

  3. Met more interesting people. In the past it was Nobel laureates. Last year in Cambridge I also met an astronaut and a zillionaire. This year I met someone very highly placed in the intelligence community.

  4. Got some unsolicited job offers. I'm pretty sure that none are worth taking.

  5. My email conversation with my conference-friend (from the previous trip) came to an abrupt end while I was in Boston. I am wondering if I said or did something to reveal what a poorly socialized mathematician I really am. What bothers me most about this is that if I did say or do something stupid, I would like the chance to apologize.

  6. Gave a talk that was apparently well-received. My secret: no slides with words on them.
Tomorrow I depart for the next trip. My Kindle is loaded up with nerdy books, and I am ready to hide from the most disastrous parts of this poorly organized workshop.