Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tales from the First Week of School

  1. Freshmen part 2: I met with my honors class yesterday! Some of them do not appreciate me yet. They will learn. As they are almost all from the South, they did not know what to do with an under-air conditioned room. (The a/c in the classroom was at 1/3 capacity because of an electrical issue.) I taught them that if it is hot when the first person arrives, then that person is in charge of closing the blinds on the sunny side of the room. Who says that you don't learn anything practical in seminar classes?

  2. Yesterday I also went to the Operations Research class that I am taking. Nearly ten percent of the students in the class admit to having PhDs. I am thinking of renting the Kindle version of the textbook, as that seems to be the best option for me in terms of both convenience and economy.

  3. Went back to the gym. Ack. I have gotten so fat and so weak.

  4. Working on plans to teach a course "Python for artists" (not for credit). Current major stumbling block: I do not know Python.

  5. Met with my boss today. Good news on the merit pay front! Even though I am far less well trained in computer science than I am in mathematics, the computer science department has far more resources to show their appreciation of me than the mathematics department ever did.