Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Because Sometimes I am a Bitch

Boss introduced me to the new intern. New Intern is a male undergraduate.

Boss was good about the intro: He made sure to emphasize to New Intern that he would be working for Dr. Hirta. Quite frequently I find myself wearing more eye make-up than everyone else on the technical staff of the computer science department combined. Students who don't already know who I am but who have seen me around the building sometimes need to be explicitly told that (1) I work for the CS department and not the female-heavy social science department that we share a building with and (2) I have a technical background and am not a secretary.

Today I had to break out the line that I sometimes need to use when talking to male undergraduates about technical matters: "I've been programming computers since before you were born." And now that I've gotten old, this line also applies to a large fraction of the graduate students as well.