Sunday, September 18, 2011

Things Going On

  1. At least my trip to Florida was reasonably uneventful. Workshop/talk went well. Also got a decent photo for the NSF. Every time we give a workshop/talk we try to document it in a variety of ways so that we can put together something that's less dry than an all-text report.

  2. Other events this week: Tore half the front bumper off my car when I hit a pile of shingles in my driveway, roofer issues (rain), roofer issues (plumbing calamity with my outside spigot becoming a geyser), got pulled over by a cop.

  3. Special note: Was not hassled by cops during my most-likely-to-be-caught-up-by-racial-profiling adventure of the week.

  4. Giving a talk tomorrow to high school girls at the Science Academy. Must. Not. Wear. "I'm too pretty to do math" T-shirt.

  5. Have now reserved hotel for Big November Conference and have directed department admin to charge the registration fee to the department budget number. Have not yet booked hotels. Trying to decide how stupid it would be to make a clandestine visit to a dear friend on my way home from the conference. Leaning towards "no" as that adds roughly $400 to the price of the ticket. Apparently he and I live in the pair of cities that are maximally expensive to travel between.

  6. I kind of want to make some documentary films.

  7. More on my freshmen later.