Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Moving Holiday Experience

The good news is that I am moving out of my office on campus that is kept in the low 60s all year round (even during the heat of summer) as part of the University's energy saving plan.

The less than good news is that this is the layout of my new office:

I have been told that I should get together with my officemate and work out a schedule of when each of us is using the office, as it is really meant to be a one-person office. Furthermore, the University has moved away from normal furniture that is made up of stand-alone parts that can be moved by applying sufficient force to instead using only built-in furniture. You might be seeing a lot less of me on campus. Or maybe you will have to track me down in one of the coffeeshops on- or near campus.

And, channelling my inner undergraduate, I must complain that my new office is so far on the far edge of campus that I may have to start driving to the gym on campus. As a reference point, the gym is right across the street from a big cluster of dorms, and my office is at the far edge of the academic part of campus.

Currently I am waiting to see when my boxes of stuff will be moving to my new office. Today is Day 3 of the move, and they are two days behind. They moved five offices on Monday and eleven yesterday. Today they plan to move 25 offices. At this point, my interest in my boxes is dominated by the fact that I packed my printer's power cable in one of the boxes, and I think that I want to set up that printer at home instead of at work. (It is my printer, so I can do what I want with it. Colleague: "How did you get a printer in your office!?" Me: "I went to, ordered one, charged it to my credit card, and had it delivered here." Colleague: "How did you get reimbursed?" Me: "I didn't." Related: "How did you get the good whiteboard markers!?")

While this move chugs along, I am driving every day to my other, non-campus office, which is in another county. This strategy will work today and tomorrow. However, on Friday I will need to find somewhere to go because it is a regular work day for University staff, and this facility is closed (and I don't want to charge one of my precious vacation days for a day where I have nothing to do other than work).