Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Maybe You Wondered What My Intern Has Been Up To

Intern spent the last school year as a self-described "fourth year" student in computers. Intern did not graduate.

Intern is working 20 hours a week at a national chain pharmacy, despite being in the midst of a difficult pregnancy and ordered by her doctors to take it easy. Intern's boss at chain pharmacy won't let her sit down during her shift. Intern's boss says that she is lucky to be working at all because he was supposed to lay off the three most recent hires (i.e. including Intern) but he has cut back on his own hours to let them keep their jobs. (I do not believe that this is 100% true.)

Intern says she needs to keep the chain pharmacy job because her boyfriend is already supporting two other children, so money is tight.

The baby is due in July. Intern claims that she is going to go back to school in August.