Monday, May 07, 2012

More Tales from the Bus

I'm on my first stop of this summer's "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." tour in which I will show people how to do things that I have no business talking about in public.

Since today's journey was only 180 miles from home, I decided to take the bus! And since I am a good person, I will submit my $10.50 bus ticket (round trip!) to the travel reimbursement people instead of pretending that I drove 360 miles (round trip) at our official reimbursement rates.

Fun fact: I was not the only white person on the bus. Almost 10% of the people on the bus were white!

One of the other white people was a college student who was having the most hilarious conversation with his mother about wanting his dad to chip in $1400 towards tuition and $400 a month towards living expenses. College student casually mentioned to his mom that he was on the bus to the State Capital. Mom must have asked where he was going to be staying in the State Capital because he said, "Don't worry, I always find a place to stay. Once I stayed in a ditch. Mom! It was a nice ditch! It was, like, a squatter camp."

The other adventure with the bus is walking from where the bus lets off to where I need to go. On my way from the bus drop-off point to State Capital Private University, I walked past many homeless people, empty industrial buildings, shady porn stores, and plasma donation centers. Don't tell my mom. At least I am avoiding ditches and staying at the Private University Neighborhood Hilton.