Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not Quite a Sophomore

So this semester I took an art class (freshman-level class in graphic design), bringing me up to 29 credit hours earned at the university that employs me.

The final project for this class was to put together a book with all of our work from the semester, including influences, works in progress, revisions, changes, and commentary and reflections on our work and our process.

My book ended up being one of the thickest in the class. Probably because I wrote too much. At the end I ran wc (well, first detex then piped through wc) on the text that I wrote. Came out to over 12,000 words.

Apparently you can get an A in a freshman-level art class even if you can't draw, just as long as you can explain your design process.

I still have a 4.0 GPA at my employer. I will say that this university is one of the least challenging that I have attended.

I was going to take statistics in the fall, but I got some inscrutable error* from the online registration system (this system is so unintuitive that I am shocked that freshmen end up in any classes at all), so I decided that next semester I will take biomedical engineering.

*It said that the error was that I was missing a prerequisite. When I wasn't. I was trying to sign up for Stats 3. The prereq for this course is Stats 2, and I have taken Stats 1 and Stats 2 at this very university.