Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Week

  1. New Minion started today. We did HR paperwork, key paperwork, laptop paperwork. Talked about the project. Met with a collaborator. New Minion also did some development work on his own laptop. Got more done today than Intern accomplished last summer.
  2. I have been in a horrible, horrible mood. The only small pleasure is this delightful gin & tonic that I am drinking. I am now out of tonic water. Perhaps I will pick up a bottle of vermouth on my way home from work tomorrow. This is very good gin.
  3. Missing from this summer's travel plans: My 21st high school reunion. I will pay for the $55 ticket (plus the service fee) if you want to go and insist that you are me.
  4. We have two essay questions for you today. Choose at most two to respond to.
    1. AT&T: Malicious or Incompetent? Or, why does the phone company find it so challenging to determine whether or not a two-year contract still applies to a phone that I purchased on August 8, 2009. (I have spent three weeks arguing with them, including 49 minutes on the phone and sending them a fax.)
    2. Age inappropriate short skirts. Pack them up and send to Goodwill? Or continue to wear them? (I have been cleaning out my closet.)
  5. Sometimes it is amazing how little I can get done in a day.