Wednesday, April 06, 2005

For Millennia Man Has Wrestled with the Universal Truth That the Beginning of a Paper Makes a Meaningless Generalization

    subtitle: not just for the humanities any more

  1. Phi. The Golden Number. For centuries the concept of this figure has baffled and intrigued the mind of man. It is unknown exactly when this great mystery was discovered and applied by man, nor is the extent of its usefulness known.

  2. For many millennia, man has tried to create ways to measure time.

  3. Math is everywhere in everyday life, and we use it constantly, often without realizing that we are doing so.

  4. It is an old adage that numbers do not lie, that within numbers lies the truth.

  5. Mathematics is the most versatile subject in all of academia. Math is used in all walks of life, ranging from fast food to rocket science. [Note: this is not the project about fast food. It is about archeology.]