Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Solutions to the Hair Problem

Subtitle: No matter how good my hair looks I just can't go back to Tracy because I can't deal with the fact that she totally ignores what I ask for and then just does whatever she wants to with my hair.
  1. gaylecardGo to the conference in San Diego in February. Find Gayle. See what magic she can work on my hair

  2. Obtain hat(s). Shave hair all off.

  3. me1995Do nothing. Let hair grow. Have long hair, like I did for most of my life. (This photo: circa 1995.) Do you know how I got my long hair to be so straight? I would wash it, comb it, then let it air dry.

  4. Try to find another local stylist. Hope that the fifth time is a charm, as things didn't work out with Kim, Stephanie, Dawn (who did a fine job of cutting my hair but who disappeared), or Tracy.