Saturday, December 31, 2005

Update On My Hair

newesthairInstead of doing all the work that I predicted this morning, I devoted way too much time to trying to take a decent digital picture of me with my newest hair cut. Since the tracking information for the shipment of my new digital camera (what I bought with my Christmas money) indicates that it spends most of its days driving around my region without ever heading towards my house, this slightly disappointing picture (blurry, washed out color, some distortion because I was so close to the lens, a measly 2.0 megapixels) will have to suffice.

In my previous post about my hair I had left someone out! I was also disappointed with how Meleah cut my hair. Kim, Meleah, and Tracy all insisted on imposing bangs on me (they are growing out!) without my consent. I couldn't communicate with Stephanie. Dawn disappeared.

But this is all for the best. If Dawn had stuck around, I would have had boring but nice enough hair. My frustrations with the others motivated me to desperately seek out someone who would do something wonderful with my hair. Eventually I ended up with an appointment to have my hair cut by the owner of one of the nicest salons in town. A lot of experience cutting hair, smart enough to run a successful business (they just moved to a larger space, nearer the main drag), and the receptionist spoke of her with great respect. A promising start.

Johnnie has the presence of a rock star. And she is the absolute perfect person to cut my hair. Experienced, stylish, artistic, and with a vision of fabulous my hair will be once those darn bangs finish growing out. A happy ending (and beginning!) to my hair saga.