Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Speaking of My Classmates

So I grew up in Niskayuna, NY, a town that, according to the Wikipedia, is almost 91% white and 6% Asian and with a median household income of $70,800. The town is headquarters of GE Global Research. In my 12th grade science class, only one student did not have at least one parent with a doctoral degree. While we are not talking Greenwich, CT and "the 1%" here, Niskayuna has long been a snobby suburb populated by educated people who make good money.

I'm learning to stop being surprised when classmates who we thought of as "not that bright" are physicians or are working in the business/marketing side of famous, large Silicon Valley companies. But I still find it absolutely mind-boggling the number of my classmates who are updating their Facebook status at this time of year that their children are coming home from college -- not to mention the classmates who are grandmothers.