Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Would Never Happen in Math

Subtitle: "I don't see what the editor is complaining about, I've only had the paper for a year." -- Mathematician, upon being asked about the status of the paper that he is reviewing

Here's another great thing about switching from math to computer science -- in addition to making double what I used to be making. It is so much faster and easier to get things published.
Get idea for paper. Do research. Write paper.
May 1:
Deadline for submitting paper. Submit paper.
May 22:
Receive reviews. One reviewer had no comments. The other said to make the figure more readable and add more to the conclusion.
May 23:
Fix figure and conclusion. Upload new version.
May 28:
Accept/Reject decisions will be announced.
That's right! Less than two months from thinking of the idea until having a decision about publication!

If someone had told me how much easier computer science is back when I was 19, I totally would have done this instead of math.