Thursday, August 19, 2004

Making a Living at This

Did you see that Ms. Frizzle pointed us in the direction of Ms. Oh?

Two of Ms. Oh's posts are about the salary of public school teachers. I wonder if the private schools in my region pay as much as the public schools in hers (yes, I've alreday adjusted for cost of living). Such a tempting daydream when the research is going badly.

Other alternate careers I've considered:
Long training program, but apprentices earn about as much as I do now. Seems like it would have the possibility for creative problem solving. And I could put an second outlet in my bathroom.
Starving Artist
As long as I didn't make any profit and could be supported by the kindness of others, I'd be ok. But if I became successful, I'd have to deal with all that IRS paperwork of running a small business, and my nosy neighbors would turn me in for running a home-based business.
Non-Denominational Pastor
Certainly a growth industry. Requires no formal training. However, if I feel like a hypocrite asking my students to come to class and do their homework, could I really preach the Good News with a straight face?
What are your back-up plans (serious or not)?