Thursday, July 07, 2005


One year later and I'm still fixing (and breaking) windows.

My house has 11 windows, consisting of 32 sashes and 78 panes of glass. Beginning in May 2004, I've been rehabbing them. The aluminum siding has been taken off the trim. The old paint has been scraped off, any damaged wood repaired/replaced, and then the trim was primed/painted. The sashes received a similar treatment -- obviously there was no siding to remove from them, but they needed to be repainted (both sides). One sash was so rotten that it had to be replicated by a woodworker (local guy who works out of his garage). The old glazing was cracked and had to be chipped out from around each pane of glass; then I reglazed. The counterweights were rehung with brand new ropes.

Sitting on sawhorses in my garage are sashes #27 and #28, which comprise window #10. On Monday I'll need to go to the glass shop to have two new panes cut to replace the ones that I broke.

This project should be finished before the end of the summer. I should have a few days of summer without the burden of home repair. After this there is only one small project left (insulate the attic). The rest of the projects (remove vinyl siding and have house painted, building a deck, total kitchen remodel) are too big to get started now -- both in terms of time and money. Sure, there are interior doors that need to be stripped, but they can be worked on year round (in a well ventilated spot).