Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tales of Woe from the Craft Stores

  1. The LYS that I am ambivalent about: They're a bit too in your face. I was just browsing. I'd like to make progress on some things from my project queue, but I don't have any real plans yet. I just wanted to look at the yarn and understand my options. The guy who works there was being a pest. When the owner rang up my order (forcing me to spell my name because they keep track of everyone -- no anonymous yarn-buying) and asked me if I taught math at the university, the employee-guy realized that he knows who I am. One of his buddies took my class. He knows where I used to work. He mentioned my graphing calculator cover. I briefly explained the technique used to make it.

  2. Vogue Pattern Catalog: Does anyone have an event where it is appropriate to wear this garment? It's like a fashion mullet: business in the front; party in the back.

  3. Joann: To survive Joann on a weekend (especially as the holiday season approaches), you have to enter a bit of a trance and become completely oblivious to your surroundings. I bought a pattern for Christmas ornaments and some trims, hoping to make some progress on my fabric stash over Thanksgiving. That's one of my goals for this winter: either make stuff out of the fabric I have or else make it leave my house.

  4. Bonus woe: I'm knitting socks with 50g skeins. I haven't yet started on the heel flap, and there's only 25g left. Do I order more of the yarn (almost certainly not the same dye lot) or do I rip out a pattern repeat and start on the heel?