Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wednesday Omens

I am full of excuses. Last week I wasn't blogging because I was obsessively making a quilt. As in, I cut out and pieced a queen-sized quilt top in under a week. Last week I also bought all manner of awesome things. Last week was great. But then the week ended, and I started returning things because I realized they were not so awesome. At mid-week? This week is not so great.

So on to the omens:
  1. This morning it was stupid cold here.

  2. This morning was my appointment for getting my car fixed from this incident. Called to make this appointment back in June. When I got there this morning, they had no record of my appointment or of the paperwork that my insurance company faxed over yesterday. As of nearly 4pm they have not called, which either means that they are ignoring my car or else they have figured things out.

  3. Fortunately this morning I got to the office before my officemate, so I got to sit at the desk. Officemate sat with his laptop on his lap for a while before hunting down an unoccupied classroom.

  4. It is roughly half a mile from here to the nearest coffee. By the time I get the coffee back to my office, it is cold.

  5. Nothing that I am doing today particularly needs me to be in the office. Today's theme is "spam." I have resumed my efforts to recruit undergraduate summer interns. Do you know any undergraduates who are interested in science, engineering, high performance computing, web development, data analysis from more of a business standpoint than a science standpoint, science writing/PR, tech support, or anything similar? Send them my way. And like our Facebook page.

  6. At home I can adjust the lights and the thermostat. (I'm planning on putting masking tape on the ambient light sensor in my office, but I'm not tall enough to reach it.) At home there is a nearby supply of coffee. At home I don't have to share my desk. At home I don't have to worry about how to get to/from work with my car in the shop. At home I can spam people in my search for interns. But work is supposed to happen in the office (even though no one is here except for a battalion of electricians who are trying to get the engineering teaching labs in this building ready for classes to start on the 11th).

  7. You might ask about my other office? Why don't I work there? Well, aside from the transportation issue of my car being in the shop (I live 2 miles from the university; my other office is in another county), I am told today the other office is being sprayed in hopes of solving the fire ant problem.